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If you’ve ever wanted to see what the best mouse on the planet was like, you could pick up the Magic Mouse from Apple. The Apple Magic Mouse is the latest installment in Apple’s line-up of mice that includes the Mighty Mouse. This current mouse is visually unique for having no buttons on the surface and a sassy design that the first did not have. It weighs under a pound, has a solid white exterior, and is as smooth as a baby’s skin. It’s in the top 50 of electronics products on Amazon, and it delivers more than 10 times the power of standard optical tracking. There are built-in miniature sensors that detect even the smallest amount of movement, and the top-shell design is simply sublime. The Bluetooth technology and touch-sensitive technology embedded inside it really shine through.

Let’s take a look at a review of this wonderful product. This touch-surface mouse is one-of-a-kind, and the technology is awesome, but the mouse lacks a little in functionality and usage, and you have to do a lot to get it to work correctly. You should probably try it out first at an Apple Store or a Best Buy store to get a real feel for it and decide if you want it in the first place. You may not think this is the right mouse for you after getting used to it. However, if you are fine with the ergonomics and how it works for you when you’re using it, it is absolutely the best mouse to get for your money because it has the highest technology in the business.

The tracking on this mouse is supremely smooth for a Bluetooth mouse. The pointer movement is also flawless. The mouse tracks well on different types of tables like white laminate tables and brushed aluminum tables with equal ease. These are traditionally difficult surfaces for mice to track on, but this mouse does a superb job with both of them. Some reviewers have complained that the tracking is too slow even when the device is set to the highest speed, but this is probably tied to their hardware or software configurations and not the mouse’s problem specifically.

The Apple Magic Mouse works best, however, when the batteries are at their highest level so it is critical that you always have a supply of double AA batteries on hand. Apple solves this problem initially by including one set of AA batteries whereas many companies don’t send batteries with their products, but beyond that you need to purchase them. One problem is that this mouse tends to use up a lot of battery power. The best recommendation is to get rechargeable batteries so you can circumvent this problem. If you don’t, you may be buying batteries buy the boat load, and that is no fun, on you – for your efforts, or your pocketbook – for your budget. This mouse can provide years of enjoyment, however, with rechargeable batteries that circumnavigate, pun intended, the battery-eating problem.

Scrolling is an absolute dream with this mouse. The touch-based scrolling is particularly significant compared to other similar offerings by companies that offer touch-sensitive mice. With the momentum option on, the scrolling through long pages is no longer a chore. It’s an absolute dream. The scrolling action mimics dragging the slider on a scroll bar versus clicking the up and down areas of most mice. When compared to using traditional mice, the scrolling is jumpy, crude, and even barbarous in comparison. There is just no comparison to the smoothness of an Apple Magic Mouse.

This Apple Magic Mouse has just one button – the mouse itself. What could be cooler? There is smart software that can detect between left and right clicks if you set the device to do so, but you can also download third-party software to make provisions for middle clicks. The lack of buttons is a plus on the device because it creates a simple-looking interface that seems to appeal directly to a sense of aesthetics.

The ergonomics of the mouse are one feature that is lacking. For a mouse that seems to excel in every other area, the ergonomics take a bit of getting used to, still. It’s a mouse that’s very low to the ground which does not encourage resting your palm on it or wrapping your entire hand around it. It has extremely sharp edges which also discourage you from holding it like you would hold any other normal mouse. This mouse is simply a little too cool for school in the ergonomics department. The best way to hold this mouse is to lightly grip its sides.

The Apple Magic Mouse‘s tracking was a bit sluggish at some points, and this really detracted from the user experience. The immense technology packed into such a small device could have perhaps contributed to this paradox, but it was not enough to get me to drop the mouse entirely. It still functioned as the best mouse ever.

This is a strange, unusual, and innovative mouse that takes a little getting used for the best results in using it, but it has superior functionality compared to all other mice. Apple has pioneered several mice over the years, and they were the first person to invent the mouse in the first place. The Apple Magic Mouse is the third in their line-up of unusual mice that have come out in recent years, and the technology keeps increasing in a decreasing form factor. This mouse might have gone too far, but there are still great strides made in the technology.

The Apple Magic Mouse could use some improvements, and it is one reason Apple is not stopping and continues to pioneer new mice each year with continual updates that really add to the usefulness of the mouse. You won’t be disappointed with such a high-powered mouse under your hand, but it may take some adjustment in order to use it 100% correctly, as it was intended.

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