Fellowes Intellishred PS-79Ci Shredder Review

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Shredding isn’t something that’s exclusive for offices or your workplace. With the amount of personal data that we get on bank statements, bills, and tax documents, a shredder is something that is essential for every household. The Fellowes Intellishred PS-79Ci Shredder is the best shredder around – it will not only shred documents with ease and without jams, it’ll also shred your credit cards, checks, and pay stubs without any problems.

I’ve tried shredding up to 12 sheets of paper with the Fellowes Shredder with no problems. Shredding is also surprisingly quiet. While other shredders sound like a lawn mower, you can probably shred this with someone sleeping in the same room and not wake them up.

If you do get a jam with this shredder, there’s a convenient reverse button. Just hit it, and the jam will reverse out. Hit the forward button, and the shredding process will start again.

The whole point of shredding is to have your material shredded into as tiny pieces as possible so they can’t be pieced back together – something that you can’t do with just your hands. The Fellowes PS-79Ci Shredder shreds documents into an impressive 399 particles, and that’s a very safe number.

With this Fellowes shredder comes a bottle of oil and several clear waste bags. The shredder appears to be constructed with quality materials and does not suffer from bowing or flexing issues. The shredder comes with solid-enough castors that are removable, or you can leave them on and choose to have them locked down.

This shredder has a two year warranty for the entire unit, which is twice the warranty period that many competing machines has, and gives you the peace of mind to purchase this and use it for the long run.

In summary, I would say that the PS-79Ci shredder is an excellent unit and I’m very pleased with its performance. This is a great light-to-medium duty shredder for home or home-office use. See prices and promos on the Fellowes 79Ci Shredder now.

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