Is Purchasing AppleCare for your new Retina MacBook Pro (rMBP) Needed or Worthwhile?

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buy applecare retina macbook proThe retina MacBook Pro (rMBP) is considered to be Apple’s best laptop till date. A machine that employs all of Apple’s renowned design and space-saving tricks, the Retina MacBook Pro embodies the sophistication of this era’s technology in terms of performance and design.

Even when equipped with an extremely powerful Intel processor, this machine has the ability to provide seven hours of battery life, which makes it your perfect travelling companion. Available in 15-inch and 13-inch sizes, the latter model provides the perfect balance between the MacBook Air and the 15″ retina MacBook Pro. If you thought that the Air was too small or that the 15″ MacBook Pro was too big to carry around, then the 13-inch rMBP model is the perfect solution for you. With all of its other significant performance capabilities, the one thing that stands out is still its Retina display. No other manufacturer has a similar technology, and it provides you with an amazing screen resolution that you cannot find in any other laptop.

Why a Retina MacBook Pro is More Expensive Than You Think

The only issue with this piece of technology is the fact that getting it fixed is an extremely expensive venture. Technology, however foolproof it may be, is definitely susceptible to a number of faults. Purchasing a laptop, especially such an expensive one, without thinking about how you are going to deal with a repair situation can lead to expensive bills in future. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing the Retina MacBook Pro, you might want to include the cost of AppleCare into your budget as well. Although you may not feel like shelling out even more money for a device that is already expensive enough as it is, the necessity of obtaining AppleCare for it cannot be stressed upon enough.

Not convinced? The retina Macbook Pro is the hardest laptop to repair till date, with the use of proprietary screws, very expensive parts, and fused components. For instance, if the FaceTime camera on the laptop stops working, getting it fixed is incredibly difficult. In order to fix the camera, or to troubleshoot any hardware issues further, you are going to have to remove the LCD frame, which may break (and it’s not very difficult to break it). When that happens, you are going to be in more trouble, because then you will need to install an entirely new assembly as well.

These new retina Macbook Pros comes with so much patented technology that even replacing the battery from an outside source may cost you about $500. If you get it replaced from Apple though, you will be able to get it for about $200.

Why You Absolutely Must Buy AppleCare For Your rMBP

The AppleCare policy provides your device with protection for three years. I have the belief that the only place to get Apple products fixed, is at Apple itself. I wouldn’t want the risk of having a third-party laptop repair vendor attempting to fix my Macbook, and failing. Not only will that end up making things worse, I don’t want the risk of having to shell out even more money for the repair. Looking at that, paying for three years of protection on an expensive device such as the retina MacBook Pro is definitely worth it.

The good thing is, you don’t have to get AppleCare at the same time that you buy your Macbook Pro, and you can even push it off for a few months. Simply make sure that you buy your AppleCare before your first year of ownership ends. A great place to buy AppleCare is through B&H. Not only is it cheaper ($244 at B&H vs $325 at Apple), shipping is fast too. Buy AppleCare from B&H here.

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