LaCie Rugged Safe Hardware-Encrypted Hard Drive Review

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The LaCie Rugged Safe is shockproof and rugged, and offers top security features such as 128-bit AES encryption and an integrated fingerprint reader. It comes in both 500GB and 1TB versions, and you can use it with both PC and Mac, via both USB 2.0 and FireWire 800.

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If you’re always on the road and you deal with intellectual property, client data, and financial information, then losing or misplacing your sensitive data is always a cause for concern. Every piece of data needs to be protected, and encryption’s the best method right now. The new LaCie Rugged Safe conforms to the MIL-STD 810F standard, and is a shock-proof 128-bit AES hardware-encrypted hard drive.

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It comes with both USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 connections, and draws its power via either one of these connections. The hard drive is surrounded by soft silicone, and has its fingerprint reader in a groove at the top. The drive is designed by Neil Poulton, and looks handsome and sturdy.

The Rugged Safe stood up to casual tests where I dropped it from a desk and shook it vigorously, but I didn’t go further than that. Usage is simple, with all the required cables included in the retail box. I used this drive with Windows, and it automatically detected it, so referring to the included quick-install guide wasn’t even necessary. You also have the choice of getting the included software utilities on the CD that comes with your drive, but it’s also already pre-installed onto a partition on the Rugged Safe.

After plugging it in, I installed the LaCie Safe Manager, and created a user (there can be up to 10 users) and enrolled my fingerprints. After that, I had to restart Windows, so I did, and after it booted up, I swiped my finger to access the drive and Windows asked me to format it (I chose NTFS because I’m in a Windows-only environment). The Rugged Safe drive shows a red light when you connect it, and only changes it to green after an authorised user swipes his fingers.

I’m always impressed by hardware-encryption because of the speeds that it offers over software-encryption, and the LaCie Rugged Safe is no exception. ATTO Disk Benchmark showed a maximum of 26.4 MB/s write speed and a 29.6 MB/s read speed, which is on par or better than other external hard drives with no encryption at all.

If you’re a mobile user who deals with sensitive data, the LaCie Rugged Safe is a great hard drive to use just because of the security features that it offers. The peace of mind that it can give you if your hard drive gets stolen or lost is priceless! Save on shipping by getting the 500 GB version or the 1 TB version from Amazon today!

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