Lenmar AC Travel Adapter for up to 4 USB Powered Devices Review

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If you have and operate multiple devices and gadgets, then you’ll soon find that managing your charging cables to be quite a hassle. This is especially true if you travel a lot – nobody likes lugging around 3 or 4 charging cables and adapters.

Thankfully, this has led to a great innovation – USB chargers with multiple ports. Get one of these and you’ll be able to charge up to 4 USB-powered devices simultaneously. These chargers even come with different pin configurations, so you can use this even if you travel to different countries.

universal 4-ports micro-usb charger

Almost any device these days comes with a USB cable in the box (even iPhones and iPads), so you just need this cable and you’ll be able to use this charger with your device. Get this multi-USB charger now from Amazon.com

This charging device is perfect if you’re looking for a Blackberry charger, Samsung charger, iPhone charger, iPad charger, multiple charger, multi charger, Nokia charger, Sony charger, or Motorola charger.

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