Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV / HDTV Review


Picture performance, advanced connectivity, and an eco-friendly and stunning design come together to form Samsung LED TV 8000. For the image connoisseur, our highest 240Hz motion blur reduction technology, a 5,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio that displays incredibly deep blacks and pristine whites, and enriched color processing deliver outstanding video. Samsung LED TVs use 40% less power than conventional LCD TVs and are manufactured with the environment in mind. Internet@TV has web TV widgets from Yahoo, Flicker, Ebay and others to entertain, inform and connect you to specially designed web content right on your LED TV. This Ultra Slim 1.2” depth set is the ideal complement for your room and your life.

That’s what Samsung says about their Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV, but is it really that good? Let’s find out.


The LED TV definitely has strength in its clarity – it’s stunning and simply gorgeous. If you’re watching HD movies (off Blu-ray or DirectTV or whatever), then you’ll find that they’ll look fabulous. Watch your favorite TV shows and experience it as though you were in the same room with the actors! Caveat: Watching cable feed (standard TV) will NOT give you the same experience – for HD quality and HD experience, you’ll obviously need HD movies and shows.

AutoMotion Smoothing

This feature sucks. By default, you’ll get this feature turned on, and you should turn it off immediately. It just doesn’t contribute to the overall experience, and caused frame stuttering at times too. If you’re experience frame stuttering with your Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV, check if this option is on, and turn it off if it is.

LED Backlighting
LED backlighting is a good thing and gives you such a good picture, but you need to know that it’s really “edge”-lighting and not true-blue back-lighting. This is not apparent during normal watching of movies, but shows up whenever the end credits start to roll. Also, because of this you might get this in darker movies and night scenes too, so if that happens, you might want to turn down the brightness.

Screen Finishing

HDTVs come in either glossy screens or matte screens. The Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV has a glossy screen. Well, you get pros and cons with both. Because of the gloss, you’ll have to close your window blinds or somehow shutter any light from behind you before you start watching this TV. If you don’t, then what you’ll see is those tiny horizontal rows of light from between your blinds appear on the TV screen. If your TV screen has a matte finish, then these problems would not occur, so consider this point. I love the gloss because the picture looks so much better with it, and I usually watch the TV in the evenings, so this doesn’t bother me at all.

Other Features

Having internet widgets on your TV is a pretty cool feature. You also get other features such as the DLNA network feature, which is nice on paper, but slow and clunky in real life. What I like is the ability of the UN55B8000 to play slideshows of images with background music. I would see myself using this feature a lot, especially when I have guests over, or when I have a party at my place.

Other Thoughts

The UN55B8000 LCD TV comes with the standard Samsung warranty, but I was more impressed with the standard Amazon warranty. What can I say? Amazon is Amazing. Samsung has great products, but their customer services has still same way to go before it catches up with their product division. If you’ve tried dealing with them on issues with your TV, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. Aamzon, however, was a totally different matter (in a very good way!) – if you hav any problems, just give them a call, and Amazon will replace your TV with a completely brand new one! Get the Samsung UN55B8000 HDTV from Amazon.

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