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The Sennheiser HD800 is a beautiful pair of premium headphones, wonderfully designed and manufactured. It’s clear to see that much has been put into their construction, and you’ll love the way that they feel when you wear them. Aesthetics aren’t all, and many beautiful products end up not impressing me, so the quality of the product must be there too, and with the Sennheiser HD800, both aesthetics and quality are of great quality.

This pair of headphones is clearly designed for the audiophile, and the average joe will not appreciate the performance that it gives. I have been involved with music since I was 5 years old, and my life centres around it now (I’m a violin player and sing in a acapella group), and I do audio recording of bands and other groups – which is why I love things that has got to do with music and sound. While I don’t have experience with extremely high-end headphones like the Stax SR-007Mk2 or the Sony R-10, I definitely do enough sound recordings, and listen to music enough that I know my way about sound reproduction quality.

Sennheiser HD 800 Cross Section

Sennheiser HD 800 Cross Section

Because of the recording that I do, my instruments need to be of a certain standard. I use a Sony PCM-D50 to record and have several microphones that I use with it, but typically stick to my RODE NT4. Editing is done on my Mac, and I have a Grace m902 amp that I use for converting D/A.

I can’t say that I know everything, but I do think that I’ve learned a tremendous amount over the years. I’m currently learning a lot more by dabbling in high-quality recordings, and because of that I spend a lot of time with my tracks. Some of the time is inevitably spent with the editing process, but sometimes I listen to the tracks on my own, just to listen to it and see if I can pick out the nuances and details of each part.

The Story of the Sennheiser HD800
The story of the Sennheiser HD 800 began with a dream: of developing headphones that go way beyond conventional equipment to become music phones, or even perfect sound phones. The dream of creating a hi-fi device that sounds as brilliant, clear, and undistorted as if you were sitting right next to the source. The dream of creating an acoustic experience more incredible than anything ever heard through dynamic headphones: in spheres that no other category is capable of reaching–right there where perfection begins.

We couldn’t go beyond physical boundaries–but we did cross the boundaries of thought. The HD 800 is equipped with a completely new transducer and only the very finest of materials have been installed: each part carefully inserted by hand. We are talking about manufacture in the truest sense of the word, right from the initial drafts to individual handcrafting “made in Germany”.

Above all, the Sennheiser HD 800 truly personifies the creative force of the company that created it: by displaying the passion for perfect sound that has been driving Sennheiser innovation over 60 years.

A headphone of this quality should impress with its quality, and it does. The level of detail is simply amazing. Listen to all your discs and tracks again, because you’ll hear new things that you’ve never heard before. When I was listening to one of my favourite tracks, Bernstein’s Deutsche Grammophon recording of Stravinsky’s Les Noces, I could hear the four pianos individually. It just bowls me over because when you use a lot of other headphones, you will just hear it as a single piano. A lot of clarity and energy is found in this pair of headphones, and you can hear very satisfying large scale symphonics even when played at a low volume.

Jerome Harris’ acoustic bass guitar on Mozart: Clarinet Quintet in A sounds incredibly “whole”, and so much warmer with the Sennheiser HD800, and has the transients properly meshed with the tone that could not be heard with less expensive products.

Sennheiser HD800 Driver

Sennheiser HD800 Driver

The Sennheiser HD 800 makes each shout from the crowd, each detail, microphone buzz – everything! – appear starkly. But that’s not to its detriment – the exposure of these minute details just makes the tracks seem so much more complete. When you listen to bass lines, they are very distinct and exposed as well, leaving its competitors such as the AKG K701s biting the dust. We’re not talking about heavy metal bass, we’re talking about a clear, and constant bass that adds to the music.

Sennheiser HD800

Sennheiser HD800

To enjoy the full benefits of what the Sennheiser HD 800 has to offer though, will require an excellent headphone amp. I already have my Grace m902, and when comparing outputs with my AKG K701s, I found that the Sennheiser HD 800 needs about a 20% boost in gain to be of the same level.

You’ll be thrilled with the comfort level of these headphones too – I can only wear my AKG K701 for an hour before I feel a pinch, but with the Sennheiser HD 800, I can go on with it on hours at end. Looking at comfort, performance, quality, I feel that the price of the Sennheiser HD 800 is worth it. Just the benefits that I get out of it from my recordings makes it worthwhile. If you’re on the fence, you should know that there are speaker cables that cost more than this headphones in the audiophile world! Throw in a good D/A converter and a good headphone amp, and you could have a very nice listening system for around $2,000 to $2,500. If you wanted to get the same level of performance and sound quality with speakers, you’d be looking at $10,000 minimum (note to mention about the speaker set-up and the room acoustics balancing).

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