TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s Golf Club Review (Also Available As Left Handed Golf Club)

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The TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver for men is a great, inexpensive club. At its price, you can’t go wrong with this golf club.

I just started playing golf again after about a year’s hiatus. I used to not know how to hit a drive (I used to just slice, and very badly at that), but I finally learnt how to drive properly after a couple of golf lessons and tips from my buddies. However, while I fixed my golf swing, I still had a problem with my equipment.

It was a few years since I last updated my golf clubs, and so my golf clubs were old, and the driver was especially outdated (you know, the steel shaft, small head types). I saw all the guys on the course using those big-headed drivers and thought, “That’s it, I need to get one for myself today”. Later that day, I went back home and immediately logged on to Amazon, and looked at all the Ping, R9′s, Titleist, Wilson drivers for around $150-$300, but then found this Ti driver. Somehow it called out to me, and it had really good ratings and reviews. “Why not try the big-headed graphite shaft driver for $29 to see if it makes a difference? If it sucks, it’s only $29, if it works well, I can be justified to spend more on a brand name,” I thought.

Well it’s been a few weeks, and with this driver I can hit balls over 300 yards consistently (I even managed to get one 360 yards with this driver!). I recently played a round with a friend of mine who has a $300 Ping driver, and we were yard-for-yard on our drives. It was incredible! I told him how inexpensive my driver was, and the feeling of seeing his face after that was priceless!

I highly recommend this golf club to anyone that needs a good new driver, or if you are a beginner or intermediate player. It’s reliable, durable, works well, and priced at a fraction of the cost of other clubs! The only problem is that I didn’t like the quality of the grip, but if you wear gloves, then there’s no problems at all. Get the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s from Amazon.

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