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Games aren’t all just violent, mindless fun. There are games designed to specifically provide educational value for kids, while still maintaining the fun factor so that they’ll be actively engaged in the game. These educational games for kids help your children develop mental, cognitive, and psycho-motor skills, and expose them to computers.

To help you with, here’s a list of the higher quality educational kids’ computer games:

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #1

giggles computer educational game for kids

Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby is a computer game designed for babes 6-to-24 months, and has won multiple awards. This innovative software allows babies to mimic what they see their parents do, typing away on the keyboard, and rewards them with something interesting happening on the computer every time they press a key. In fact, there are 14 different activities and 50 songs for your baby to explore and discover. Don’t worry about your data on your computer too, because while your baby is exploring the keyboard and computer, all your files are locked and will not be touched during the process. Babies will learn letter and number recognition because the corresponding letter/number will display every time a key is pressed. Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby is compatible with Mac and Windows, and is sold on Amazon.

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #2

clifford computer educational game for kids

For pre-schoolers aged 4-6, this Scholastic game is fantastic to build up a wide range of skills that include identifying colors and shapes, problem solving, logic and reasoning, memory, and classifying and sorting. Featuring the lovable Clifford the Big Red Dog, children can help Clifford play various games while preparing for his birthday party. Skill levels are adjustable so this game is perfect for any kid between the ages of 4 and 8. Comparing this game to other preschool games, it offers much more activities and levels. Get this game on Amazon.

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #3

crayola art studio computer educational game for kids

For children aged 4 and up, the Crayola Art Studio game is perfect. Kids can explore their creative side and design artwork with 12 different art tools, including markers, pencils, crayons, chalk, and paint. Or they can also supplement their artwork with the 1000 supplied images that comes with the game. Best of all, you don’t have to clear up after your kids’ mess! With the designs that your kid comes up with, they can even make greeting cards, and illustrated stories, This game has even won prestigous awards from Parents’ Choice and Childrens’ Technology Review. Get this on Amazon.

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #4

backyard football computer educational game for kids

With your kids’ favorite NFL football players such as Jerry Rice, John Elway, Brett Farve, and Steve Young cast as kids too, this game immediately makes it fun for your kid to relate to. Your kid can create their very own football game, choosing their NFL team logo and colors, deciding between defensive or offensive plays, choosing field types, and even decide on weather conditions to play in. Although this game supports only single-player mode, your kid can track statistics online and see their progress with other players. Designed specifically for children aged 5-to-10, this game runs on both Mac and Windows. Get Backyard Football on Amazon.

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #5

math missions computer educational game for kids

Kids tend to find math boring, which make games like Math Missions an absolute necessity to get your kids to enjoy and appreciate math. In this game, kids rescue Spectacle City by solving mathematical problems. Your kids will learn various mathematical concepts including, but not limited to, counting, addition, subtraction, division, measurement, time, temperature, and much more. Throughout the way, useful hints are also given so as to prevent any frustration that may happen, and encourages kids to continue enjoying the game. Math Missions supports both Mac and Windows, and comes in two versions, one for grade K-2, and one for grades 3-5.

Top Computer-based Educational Games for Kids: #6

spooky mansion computer educational game for kids

As popular as the I Spy series of books, the I Spy computer game involves kids with a helpful cartoon skeleton as their guide while they solve riddles and games to find one of three different ways out of the spooky mansion. Along the way, kids can also explore hundreds of objects around the house, and develop their rhyming, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, and memory skills. This game also comes with a I Spy book. Designed for kids 6-to-10 years old, this I Spy Spooky Mansion game runs on both Mac and Windows and can be found on Amazon.

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